Shaper: Chris Morling

Show aired on 30th July 2016


Chris Morling – Managing Director & Founder of

Chris Morling is the entrepreneur behind the successful comparison website He built the brand with consumers’ interests in mind, and champions responsible comparison that helps users get the deal that is genuinely right for them. Chris is passionate about ensuring everyone gets treated fairly by financial services and uses the unique insight he has into both consumer and company behaviour to respond to regulatory reviews and help shape the industry. He has proven that it is possible to treat his users fairly whilst driving the company to phenomenal heights – the Sunday Times ranked as the UK’s second fastest growing business last year. Chris has done all of this whilst maintaining a happy and engaged team, acknowledged with two ‘Great Place to Work’ awards. Chris gives his team three full paid days leave a year to volunteer for not for profits, and has committed to donate 10% of all profits to charities each year.

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“I think there is definitely value in naivety and I just had this drive and passion and thought it wouldn’t fail.”

“…it was a real shift in mind-set about three and a half years ago, where I just took the bull by the horns and made a decision to grow the business.”

“My overheads were virtually zero, working from bedroom…and once I had the laptop, I had all the equipment I needed.”

“Only half the battle is making the money – it is far more satisfying to create something you know is helping consumers.”

“We are literally helping millions of people every year save money which, yeah, feels good.”

“Thinking you can go out on your own and make all the decisions yourself is foolish, I think.”

“There is a competitive streak within me that wants to be able to compete head-to-head with the big boys in the industry, the guys that are spending tens of millions of pounds on advertising every year.”

“I think anybody who is passionate about a subject matter sees things that other people don’t see.”