Shaper: Charles Finch

Show aired on 5th February 2016


Charles Finch is a creative marketing and brand entrepreneur. A “Brand Alchemist” with an impressive track record, Charles uses his extensive background in the entertainment sector as the basis for the marketing and development of brands. He specialises in combining a boutique approach with brand development on a global scale, seamlessly blending his personal interests and passions with those of his business. He holds a number of interests in a variety of silos that can be broken down into three distinct categories: Branding, Brand Development and Investment, and Movies.

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“I have struggled all my career, my thirty year career, to define what I do well and now, at fifty three, maybe for the first time I am getting there.”

“I started in the movie business, directed some movies, produced a lot of movies, wrote a bunch of movies and sort of had a Hollywood career…”

“Over the last fifteen years, I have bought and sold companies, helped build companies and I think now I sort of view myself as a sort of entrepreneur…”

“…everything that I learnt, I really had to teach myself.”

“I do think that we shouldn’t just let our kids go to school without explaining to them the value, the privilege, of further education.”

“I had these two iconic bosses that I used to drive around and get coffee for…”

“I am an agent liker, not an agent hater, and you often meet actors who hate their agents.”

“Last year, or the year before, I made Jennifer Lawrence’s deal with Dior…”

“My father, when he was living in Jamaica, found a pair of Ian Fleming’s shorts…”