Shaper: Cassandra Stavrou

Show aired on 30th December 2017


Cassandra Stavrou

Cassandra Stavrou founded Propercorn – producers of  ‘popcorn done properly’ – in 2011.

In March 2017, Cassandra and her co-founder, Ryan Kohn, were named in the Maserati 100 list, which showcases “great British entrepreneurs” who are challenging “established players”.

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“My father died when I was sixteen and I went home and I told my mum about the idea, she reminded me that one of the last presents he had bought me was a popcorn maker. Call it fate or serendipity, it was a wonderful moment.”

“It needs to be vibrant, it needs to feel interesting and the whole brand needs to be set up in a way that it feels kind of authentic.”

“Our first samples were me, a cement mixer and a handheld car spraying kit. But it worked. Fast forward to today – we sell three million packets a month.”

“Call it courageous or absolute stupidity – it’s one of the two. I guess it’s the perfect storm – if you see an opportunity in the market, you believe there is a real need for it.”

“I think anyone who has run a business will agree with me that the people decisions are some of the most important decisions you will ever make. I encourage everyone to hire people who are better and smarter and way more capable than they are.”

“I really encourage our team to not take life too seriously. It’s just popcorn, we are not saving lives and I think it’s really important that we have that perspective.”

“I think that you have to understand when you have got to ‘good enough’. This kind of pursuit for perfection can actually slow you down.”

“It isn’t rocket science: it’s about creating demand, giving consumers something valuable and at the right price and creating the brand around it.”