Shaper: Ben Wright

Show aired on 16th July 2016


A former Corporate Finance M&A Lawyer at Allen & Overy, in 2002, Ben – along with his brother-in-law – founded Wright Brothers, a British seafood business with a core reputation as oyster experts and pioneers.

Wright Brothers has a wholesale team, sourcing the best seafood from the British Isles and around the globe, and delivering to the best chefs and restaurants in the UK. There are four seafood restaurants in London, all under the Wright Brothers name.

Ben and his brother-in-law are now working on plans to grow nationally and have ambitions to open a Wright Brothers abroad.

Ben is married with two daughters and likes to eat, drink and travel.

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“I love jazz, I love my soul, I love my blues and I love oysters.”

“I wasn’t the best lawyer at the best of times, but I found myself thinking more and more about oysters instead of law…”

“I think entrepreneurs have something within them that makes them not cut out for the conventional.”

“I think I was gloriously, blissfully ignorant and naïve, I never thought is this going to work?’ I never really worked out the numbers…”

“Nothing beats that moment when you open the doors and think ‘is anyone actually going to walk in here? …and then someone does.”

“The learning and the unknown is really part of why I love my job.”

“My experience with Wright Brothers – it was so intense, it was all so consuming that I never really managed to switch off.”

“I think it’s a bit like running a marathon, it doesn’t matter how fit you are, you are going to hit a wall.”