Shaper: Anna Josse

Anna Josse

Anna Josse was born and raised in Hampstead, where she still resides on the same street where she grew up. Anna spent time at a seminary in Israel before attending Manchester Metropolitan University, where she was Chair of the Jewish Society. Anna established the UK arm of American charity New Israel Fund for six years during the 1990s and worked at the Social Market Foundation. She has also been Director of Investor Relations at Yazam, a technology start up, where in 2000 she led the opening of the first European offices. Anna is currently the Founder and CEO at Prism, the Gift Fund. Prism increases charitable giving by administering individuals’ philanthropy and providing charitable auspices to group fundraisers. She co-leads Regent Capital, a private equity firm, and also acts as a trustee for a number of charities including World Jewish Relief.

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“In the early 2000s the whole notion of professionalising philanthropy moved from America to the UK & there were people looking at structures and at what can we create. I was very much part of those conversations.”

“I set up the British arm of an Israeli/American charity. Ran that for six years, learnt huge amounts from the Americans, but high-tech was developing and I thought I need to be part of that.”

“The whole ethos of Prism is its efficient, its personal, it’s swift.”

“I would say right now the biggest challenge is managing the growth and dealing with the constant request of new clients coming in.”

“I bossed people around from a very young age and I think a corporate environment would never have worked for me.”

“I always want to do it to the best of my ability.”

“We can shape philanthropy in this country. If we let everyone know how easy it is to have a donor advised fund to encourage giving, to educate people to give, we can change the landscape. That’s our vision, that’s where we’re heading.”

“One of our greatest strengths is the objective I set in 2004. It remains the same objective today and that shows it works so I’m not going to get side tracked.”