Shaper: Angela Farrugia

Show aired on 13th September 2014

Transcript of the show

Angela began her career as a retail buyer for apparel, moving into licensing in 1989 for Copyright Promotions to run the apparel area of its licensing business. Her distinct understanding of retailer needs and practices quickly revolutionised CPL’s business. One of the key changes that she made was in the form of direct retail approaches, working with store groups such as Marks & Spencer, Woolworths, BHS, Mialorder etc.

Angela was quickly promoted through the company, eventually becoming Joint Managing Director of a public company, a position she held until May 1996.

In June 1996 Angela, together with fellow Joint Managing Director Melvin Thomas formed TLC. Since its formation TLC has rapidly become recognised as the leading Brand Extension agency on an International level with a powerful roster of clients.

TLC is at the forefront of the global brand extension movement around the world, and in 2010 retail sales toped $3.02 bn. Success is at the very heart of TLC’s culture, driving the continual development for their clients’ businesses. Innovative solutions have kept TLC well ahead of any competition and above all it is an ability to place the consumers brand experience at the centre of everything they do, wherever they may be, which makes TLC the agency of choice for brand owners and manufacturers alike. TLC is a privately held company with a small external shareholding of backers and all key staff part of the mix. There are currently 5 offices around the world, with the sixth in Shanghai due to open November 2011.

Angela retains responsibility for Retail development for the group, working directly with all office General Managers to drive retail around the world.

Today the company has over 200 stand alone stores, 800 instore concessions, and Over 45 DTR relationships.

On a personal level, Angela is married to Tom & they live in SW London, and have a house in Southern France. Her interests include yoga & many outdoor activities, art & in particular cycling. She has two small children.

I started at twenty two and started selling things like Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and My Little Pony and from that we migrated to set up TLC seventeen years’ ago.

It’s a place really where the best brands in the world want to come and be housed and be represented.

We are probably one of those rare success stories of partnerships flourishing all the way through twenty five years of career.

Houses in the game.

I am a born risk taker.

I am a survivor, I am Maltese by nature and a Taurian.

You’ve delivered something here.  Not only for yourself but for your people because we all share our own successes.