Shaper: Andrew Dunn

Show aired on 17th November 2017


Andrew Dunn

Andrew Dunn studied Politics and Sociology at Exeter University, graduating in 1999. Following this, he worked for a central London residential company before co-founding luxury property design and development firm Finchatton with Alex Michelin in 2001.

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We acquire, design, develop and then ultimately sell.

My friends were all going into the City and wearing their suits and studying law or going into finance or politics or whatever… I was the guy driving the white transit van, which I absolutely loved.

“I would be driving to Milton Keynes one day to pick up some marble, then I’d be working site with the sparks and the plumbers just learning about construction.”

My father was self-made and he built up his own business in a completely different sector to me… he was always the one guiding me, saying if you can and you have the opportunity, you should try and do your own thing and control your destiny.

The greatest project that we are doing at the moment is our big flagship in Grosvenor Square. What we are doing there is effectively restoring it back, we’ve kept all the facades, and we are restoring it back to how it was built.

For so many buildings and developments across the UK, everyone feels that we have to go through this big modern revolution and build new glass towers, whereas I actually, personally, love the traditional form.

The best people that I have always found, certainly who work for us on the creative side, are the ones who just travel all the time. Because you will see something and think how can I apply that maybe to something that we are doing in London.

We employ now just a completely massive range of different people from different cultures, different talents, different skill sets. I think when you have all that and you fuse them all together you can really create this big surge of creative energy.

I can definitely say that over the last eighteen years there have only been a handful of days where I’ve thought I just don’t want to go to the office today.