Shaper: Amelia Harvey

Show aired on 24th February 2018


Amelia Harvey
Amelia Harvey, co-founder of The Collective UK, a gourmet yoghurt brand, studied at Glasgow Calendonia University, where she gained a 2:1 in Marketing and Communication. After graduating in 2001, Amelia was a Regional Account Manager at Kellogg Company, quickly followed by role of Senior National Account Manager at L’Oreal in 2003, and finally a Sales Director at Gü Chocolate Puds in 2003. Commenting on her time spent at Kellogg’s and L’Oreal, Amelia has said that she gained “great blue chip training”, but that she always had a yearning to run her own business.

Amelia founded The Collective UK in 2011. Beginning as a joint venture with the original New Zealand-based company, The Collective UK has now grown into a thriving business with annual sales of more than €33m and a vast range of dairy products.

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“From Kelloggs I went to L’Oréal and learnt so much. Very well run, very well respected businesses, and then after that I just had this yearning to go into something a bit smaller, something more entrepreneurial.”

“At Gű it was a very small business when we started, very small team, but over a five year period it built into a thirty five million pound brand operating both in the UK and Europe.”

“90% of people eat yoghurts in the UK and it can sometimes be more of a commoditised eat. We knew that there was this big opportunity to do something really different and tasty.”

“We saw the packaging, the beautiful iconic logo and the taste – we just knew that this was something that we could work with both in the UK and Europe and really have fun in shaking up the yoghurt category.”

“The emotional reaction that you get from eating a yoghurt has been one of the highlights of the journey, just seeing how people interact with our products.”

“Mike and I were sitting at two desks with a telephone and laptops and we had to create something from absolute scratch and I loved that time. I look back on it fondly. I’d probably do it again, it’s just so fun starting up something from nothing.”

“If you’ve got a cutting edge product that’s shaking things up then there’s definitely a place for it, but you need to be able to demonstrate what it’s going to do for a buyer and what it’s going to do for the end consumer that is purchasing the product.”

“I think the entrepreneurialism is more about a passion and a belief for what you do.”

“To do something actionable in Mike’s memory we raised over thirty five thousand pounds for charity Community Heartbeat, and we’ve been able to put nearly twenty five defibrillators into disused phone boxes.”

“There’s always bumps in the roads and that’s the one thing you can guarantee every week, there’s highs and there’s lows. I guess my addiction to business is no two days are the same and you’re constantly solving problems, challenges, finding opportunities every single day. That’s why I love it so much.”