Shaper: Alex and Jonathan Petrides

Alex and Jonathan Petrides

Brothers Alex and Jonathan joined forces in 2016 to create allplants, a plant-based food delivery service that makes it effortlessly easy to eat more plants: sending chef-cooked healthy meals straight to your home or work. It was in 2016 when both brothers switched to a plant-based diet and hatched a plan to make veggies the star of the nation’s plate. allplants have now made and served over 250,000 meals nationwide. Jonathan, better known as JP, loves creating products and scaling them for social purpose; he founded Africa’s first mobile bank, helping 10million+ across East Africa move from stuffing cash under the mattress to savings and having an overdraft on their phone. He continues to build an award-winning retail health chain, Penda, serving the primary healthcare needs of families in Kenya. Alex has a background career in food; helping building Propercorn from the ground up, as one of their very first employees. After five years, helping Propercorn grow from zero to 3,000,000 packs of popcorn popped per month, Alex joined his brother to build allplants. The dishes include their Cashew Mac, Lasagne Noci and the BBQ Burrito Bowl and earlier this year, their Fiery Jerk Jackfruit and Smoky Soul Chilli won Great Taste Awards. allplant’s ethos is to help people and the planet thrive as only ¼ of Brits getting their 5-a-day, and switching to a plant-based diet is the most impactful way to reduce your environmental footprint.

“Eating nothing but plants is the single biggest thing you can do to reduce your environmental footprint.”

“It requires a really healthy dose of risk appetite and belief in the need to solve the problem.”

“It goes back to our grandfather in Cyprus. At the age of nine he left school and became a shepherd, to support his five sisters. Gradually he worked his way up to being a lorry driver, then owning a fleet of lorries, and then becoming a farmer. He was the largest grower of mushrooms and potatoes in the Mediterranean.”

“Our grandfather is someone who we have always both looked up to a lot and respected the impact he had on his community.”

“Kenya looked like the best place to go and create a solution to a problem. I started a bank from scratch at the age of 24. On reflection, I don’t really know why anyone I knew, including my parents, let me go to do that.”

“We signed the B Corp Charter, to make sure that every investor who comes to the table with allplants understands that we do not solely have a profit motive, and that actually we prioritise the environment and society alongside.”

“The B Corp is a small community of companies in the UK, but growing fast. We are having an impact but we want the movement to grow – if every company internalised all aspects of business it would transform our world.”

“It is no longer about meat, two veg and a carb – that is quite exciting.”

“People like the excitement of something new on their plate.  Our attitude to food is definitely changing.”

“It wasn’t a mission to become spokespeople for the movement in any kind of way, it was more ‘how can we solve this in a way that is really approachable, relatable and delicious?'”