Shaper: Adam Sopher

Show aired on 12th March 2016


Adam Sopher is co-founder and director of Joe & Seph’s Gourmet Popcorn along with his parents Joseph and Jackie. Joe & Seph’s aim is to produce the very best-tasting popcorn in world, using all-natural ingredients. They create a large range of innovative flavours including Salted Caramel, Goats Cheese & Black Pepper and Gin & Tonic popcorn. Joe & Seph’s is now available in over 1,000 UK locations as well as 15 countries worldwide and have won 24 Great Taste Awards as well as the Grocer Gold Award for Export.

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“…turned up with a car load of popcorn, hoped for the life of us that it would sell because we couldn’t eat that much popcorn ourselves…”

“I reckon I was probably one of the biggest nightmares to manage.”

“…my dad was an entrepreneur and his dad was an entrepreneur, so I think it probably runs in the genes a bit.”

“We’ve made some flavours that really haven’t worked…Banoffee Pie popcorn.”

“Initially we started off having no idea how an earth you should invoice a customer.”

“I think that is the beauty of a family business – we are so aligned in terms of what we are trying to achieve there is never really a reason to disagree.”

“Coming up with flavours that people don’t like is a bit of a kick in the teeth.”

“You’ve got to remember that you are still a family, but have this fantastic hobby, passion and business that is a world of popcorn.”