Recruitment News

A diversity survey by Hays Recruitment in Australia has found that recruiters from large companies were more likely to interview male candidates even if female and male candidates were put forward with identical CVs. The same survey also identified a propensity for recruiters to mark the candidate of same sex as the recruiter as more suitable for the position advertised, despite the candidates having identical CVs.
Global Recruiter, October 2014

The latest research from Deloitte and APSCo shows that nearly 70% of professional recruitment firms have had positive results over the past 12 months, saying they have seen an increase in their net fee income. Nearly half of the respondents are planning to open new offices, and over 40% of the firms surveyed are considering merging with or acquiring another firm.
Global Recruiter, October 2014

Online recruiter Monster has launched two new services. Monster TalentBin is designed to search people’s online and social information to build profiles of their professional developments, and Monster Twitter Cards automatically tweets new jobs to a recruiter or company’s Twitter feed.
Global Recruiter, October 2014

According to a survey by and Boston Consulting Group, London is seen as the most desirable city to work in by one in six of the people surveyed. The US was seen as the most popular country for relocating to, with the UK in second place.
HR Magazine, 6 October 2014

A British Chamber of Commerce survey of nearly 3,000 British companies found that over half offered no work experience. The main reasons for not doing so were lack of time and money.
HR Magazine, 2 October 2014

Child Soldiers International has launched a legal claim against the Ministry of Defence calling for a judicial review into the MoD’s “exploitative and unethical” recruitment of minors. Soldiers who enlist at 18 or over can be discharged after four years’ service; soldiers who enlist under the age of 18 do have the right to be discharged before their 18th birthday but if they continue to serve they still have to wait four years for discharge, bringing their total length of service to six years. CSI claims this is unlawful age discrimination under the Equal Treatment Directive.