Recruitment News

The new tax year has implications for recruiters who must now record all information regarding any temps or contractors they place in employment but are not paid through the agency’s PAYE scheme. The reports are quarterly and any which are late may incur a fine. The information is passed on to the HMRC. These reports are ‘linked to the onshore employment intermediaries legislation’.
Recruitment International, April 2015

A4e, recently hit by a fraud scandal which saw staff of the work programme provider jailed, will repay the money that was fraudulently claimed.  The fraud included 167 false claims including –  files that were invented by ex-employees, signatures that were forged, and false claims of providing people with work in order to falsely claim they had meet their target demands and were eligible for bonuses. In total, the claims cost the Department of Work and Pensions £288,595. (The dept. had hired A4e). The chief executive of A4e, Andrew Dutton said ‘ A4e long ago set aside the money to pay back the DWP the amount it received as a result of the unsubstantiated claims and we have ensured that the taxpayer will have lost nothing from the conduct of the people involved’. (The article does state at the end that ‘it was not clear whether all were employed by A4e), April 2015

The London Stock Exchange announced on April 2nd that Matchtech Group, engineering and professional services recruiters, has acquired Networks International, a telecoms and technology sector recruiter. This will mean that Matchtech will now be involved in the telecoms industry and will also, due to the acquisition, create approximately 30% of their net fee income from ‘international markets’., April 2015

Under the ‘public sector (G-cloud) framework agreement with the Crown Commercial Service’, Vacancy Filler Recruitment Software was appointed as the recruitment software supplier. This will provide more opportunities and choice for public sector and UK government associations to acquire digital products.  Russam GMS ,Talent International, and Next Ventures are also included in the framework agreement., April 2015