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Jazz Shapers

Shaper: Ciro Romano

Ciro Romano is the founder and festival director of Love Supreme Jazz Festival which since its birth in 2013 now gathers 50,000 people in its weekend attendance and has become the largest jazz festival in the UK. Ciro had envisioned himself in the Music industry since a young teenager where he would attend Music festivals in his hometown of Glasgow. This led him to become Director of Legal and Business of PolyGram Music in 1995 after he studied Law and achieved a Masters degree at the European University Institute in Florence in addition to a diploma in Legal Practice. Following the acquisition of Polygram by Seagram in 1999, Ciro took up the position of Vice President of Legal and Business Affairs at Universal Music. It was here where his ability to work hard and his musical aspirations caused him to leave and set up Neapolitan in 2001.

This music business allowed Romano to orchestrate Nocturne Live. It Featured artists such as Elton John, Gary Barlow,  Lauryn Hill and Noel Gallagher making it widely considered the premiere stately home concert series in the UK.  He was also heavily involved in the organization of the soundtrack album for ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, which won two music Oscars and two Grammys as well as going on to sell two million albums worldwide and over two million singles.

Romano’s humble yet enthusiastic attitude to life has allowed him to be a pioneer in his area of expertise, and with no lack of intelligence his driven work ethic has catapulted his career into one of success and prosperity.

Interview highlights

I remember just buying all the magazines so I was very, very interested in the stories behind the recordings and behind the music and interested about the artists so I think that was the beginning of my interest in music

Really understanding what other people want is key to getting what you want in the end

I had to unlearn some of that posturing and be a little bit broader and more intelligent about it.

There were moments where I felt I wonder whether I’ve done the right thing here because it is difficult for me to go back now.

There were a number of times where I was thinking what shall I do, shall I just give all this up

There was something inside me that felt I could do it, I just hadn’t found the right route yet

I wanted to do something where I had a bit more control which I think is the crux of it really

I cared about doing something that I wanted to do, that could get me out of bed in the morning

It is interesting because you can get a promotion on your title, get more money yet you still somehow feel demoted and I think that’s what happened to me” “Slumdog Millionaire were struggling a little bit with the music and approached me and I helped I guess put it together and also helped effectively find it a home

Shaper: Nigel Birell

Having initially joined the company as its first Non-Executive Director in 2013, Nigel Birell is CEO of the Lottoland Group, a multi territory regulated, fast growing gaming group with a workforce of 350 people in 11 locations, and nine million registered customers in its 13 markets. Nigel is also the: Non-Executive Chairman of the London [...]


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Shaper: Sophie Deen

Sophie Deen is the founder and CEO of kids’ media company, Bright Little Labs. Bright Little Labs was founded in 2015 with the aim to inspire the next generation with interactive stories, promoting critical thinking, computer science and equality for children. A former lawyer and children’s play therapist, Sophie has worked alongside Code Club, Google [...]


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