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Jazz Shapers

Shaper: Rupert Gavin

“The total group has about ten thousand people…but versus some of the organisations I have been part of before, such as BT or the BBC, we are relatively small and compact I think”

“its intent was to make the most depressing evening in the theatre possible, that is how we set out to create the show….”

“The Guardian once described me as needlessly tall.”

“Our main job is to have things that are exciting, an environment that is conducive for people to want to get up off their sofas, get out of their houses and have a night or an afternoon out in our company”

“I joined BT to build the internet for them and they did not necessarily, at that stage, know what the internet was.”

“A good evening in the theatre can transport you and change your life far more than watching an App on an iPhone, I think…James Cameron does not get up out of bed to make films in the belief that people are going to watch his work on a mobile phone.”

“…We are experimenting with 4D; we are experimenting with 5D…”

“It is absolutely critical that you make an organisation an intelligent organisation and be able to react based on good information, rather than be blinded or somehow distant from the customer coalface. That is the important thing.”

“It’s good to be big”

“I have had a hobby in theatre and producing theatre and co-owning theatres…but that is just a hobby”

“…throughout my very varied career, there has been one common theme which is: I work at the intersection between creative output and commercial exploitation. Usually with a big dose of technology inserted.”

“We went through the excitement of introducing personal computers to the high street for the first time. We sort of pioneered the whole video games revolution. I remember acquiring PC World when it was only four stores and thinking there is going to be a retailing phenomenon where you can devote 20,000 square feet of space just to computers.”

“…I have always been a left brain, right brain kind of person…”

“…luckily we made more decisions that were right than wrong.”

Shaper: Nigel Birell

Having initially joined the company as its first Non-Executive Director in 2013, Nigel Birell is CEO of the Lottoland Group, a multi territory regulated, fast growing gaming group with a workforce of 350 people in 11 locations, and nine million registered customers in its 13 markets. Nigel is also the: Non-Executive Chairman of the London [...]


Jazz Shapers - 5 days ago

Shaper: Ciro Romano

Ciro Romano is the founder and festival director of Love Supreme Jazz Festival which since its birth in 2013 now gathers 50,000 people in its weekend attendance and has become the largest jazz festival in the UK. Ciro had envisioned himself in the Music industry since a young teenager where he would attend Music festivals [...]


Jazz Shapers - 2 weeks ago