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  • Beneficial ownership disclosure for UK land and properties: the next step in the march towards transparency?

    In Singapore on Wednesday David Cameron made clear his determination for the UK not to become a safe haven for corrupt money, saying that “when you have companies whose ownership isn’t known you allow a shroud of secrecy behind which people can do bad things, sometimes terrible things, with no accountability.” The movement towards greater… Read more

  • REAL INSIGHT – Property Update – December 2013

    Mediation motivation The Court of Appeal has sent an important message that parties involved with litigation must engage with a serious invitation to take part in alternative dispute resolution, even if they have reasons which might justify a refusal to meet with their opposition. In a recent dilapidations case, the claimant landlord invited the defendant… Read more

  • First Impressions: Conservative Party Conference 2013

    Having narrowly survived my first Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, here are some first impressions. I was unprepared for the Secure Zone which had come up casually in conversations about conference passes and is not unlike the MIPIM security cordon. However REED MIDEM haven’t (yet) resorted to armed police guards with unnerving machine guns and… Read more

  • REAL INSIGHT – Property Update – September 2013

    Planet Property The eagerly anticipated exposé of the UK property industry by former Estates Gazette editor Peter Bill lives up to expectations. A well-honed journalistic talent, together with a ringside seat from which to observe the inhabitants of Planet Property over a key period for real estate (1997 to 2012), make for an informative and entertaining… Read more

  • Planet Property

    Planet Property, the eagerly anticipated exposé of the UK property industry from 1997 to 2012 by former Estates Gazette editor Peter Bill, lives up to expectations. But how could it not? The author has often explained to me when I have complained about word count limitations that a real writer is able to depict a… Read more

  • REAL INSIGHT – Property Update – July 2013

    PROBLEMS MOUNT FOR ‘BEST PRICE’ CLAUSES The German Competition Authority is the latest body to investigate whether “best price” clauses infringe both domestic and EU competition law. These types of clauses, which are believed to be used within the UK retail and hotel sectors, prevent the product or service from being offered at a cheaper… Read more

  • A few home truths

    Landlords’ consultation obligations for repair works Landlords of residential property who carry out repair works to their property have been given a helping hand by the Supreme Court. The law provides that landlords must consult with their tenants before they carry out works of repair, maintenance or improvement to a building which will result in… Read more