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  • The latest on the Google privacy case

    Google was in the Court of Appeal last week, trying to reverse the decision of a High Court judge in January 2014 in which he held that the company could be sued in England rather than the US. Google is arguing that the High Court judge got it wrong and that the case should not… Read more

  • Franchisors & Licensors – Can you enforce post termination provisions?

    A recent case in Virginia, USA has highlighted the need to keep international franchise agreements under review and the value of taking local law advice when granting international franchises. The United States Court of Appeal have held that, in some situations, reference to “termination” in a franchise agreement does not include “expiry” of the agreement…. Read more

  • The Recover Report

    This report examines a sample of 150 data theft cases handled by Mishcon de Reya. Our research has focused on cases involving dishonest employees and industrial competitors. The report aims to help you to identify where you may be vulnerable to employee related data theft, to advise you on the best possible protection and, to… Read more

  • Rule of law

    The rule of law is seen as the foundation of a civilised society, writes Jane Croft. It is crucial in fostering an environment in which business can flourish.