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  • Shaper: James Averdieck

    “I think entrepreneurs don’t really want their kids to be entrepreneurs; they want them to have proper jobs” “No one is interested in margarine. It’s a product with zero consumer interest” “It was a hell of a rollercoaster on the way, I have to say.” “There was a fabulous bomb au chocolat which really smelt, tasted and… Read more

  • Shaper: Vanessa Vallely

    “I was a washer upper – I used to wash up, clean the eel stand…” “I come from an area where girls didn’t go on to work in banks. I think there was always this part of me that liked to kind of reboot the system”  “…I had some fairly strong role models in my… Read more

  • Business Shapers: Jude Kelly

    Jude Kelly joined Southbank Centre as Artistic Director in September 2005 and is responsible for creating a unified artistic vision for the whole 21-acre site. She has held a number of important positions in the world of arts and culture. She made her name as Artistic Director of Battersea Arts Centre in the 1980s establishing… Read more

  • Business Shapers: Nick Wheeler

    Nick Wheeler is the founder and chairman of Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts.

  • Shaper: Saul Klein

    Saul Klein is a Partner at Index Ventures,which works with fledging businesses to help them grow. He joined in the London office in 2007 and currently serves on the boards of Alertme, Chartbeat, Codecademy, GlassesDirect, MyHeritage, Seedcamp, Songkick and Soluto. Follow Saul on Twitter @cape

  • Shaper: Ajaz Ahmed

    Ajaz founded AKQA when he was 21 to create an ideas and invention company to help organisations embrace the digital revolution. AKQA’s clients today include Nike, Red Bull and Google. AKQA has created some of the world’s most recognised and iconic digital products, services and ideas. AKQA is now the largest and most awarded company… Read more

  • Shaper: Brent Hoberman

    Brent Hoberman is the co-founder of, and PROfounders Capital. Follow Brent on Twitter @brenthoberman

  • Shaper: James Lohan

    James Lohan is one half of the couple behind Mr & Mrs Smith.

  • Shaper: Nick Wheeler

    Nick Wheeler is the founder and chairman of Charles Tyrwhitt Shirts. Follow Nick on Twitter @nicktheshirt

  • Business Shapers: Ben Elliot

    Ben Elliot is the co-founder of Quintessentially, the luxury lifestyle group and  24 hour global concierge service, which he started in London in December 2000. They now have over 60 offices worldwide, offering everything from access to fine wines, private jets, property and luxury cars, to fine art, bespoke gifting, event planning, communications, design and… Read more

  • Shaper: Lord Young

    Lord Young The Rt Hon the Lord Young of Graffham DL has had a distinguished career, first graduating from University College London and then becoming a Solicitor.  After a year he left the profession and went to work for The Great Universal Stores Ltd. where he worked for the Chairman Sir Isaac Wolfson, Bart.  After… Read more

  • Shaper: Kathryn Parsons

    Kathryn Parsons Co-founder of Decoded. Decoded teaches people how to use computer code – in a day. She demonstrates how anyone and everyone can acquire the basic skills they need to understand what goes on behind the screen. Within weeks of launch, it became clear that a need for these skills extended to every sector, age group and field,… Read more