Business Shapers


  • Court condemns Director’s Secret Profits

    Clegg v The Estate and Personal Representatives of Pache and others [2017] EWCA Civ 256 (11 May 2017) (Bailii). The Court of Appeal has recently considered a claim against a company director who misapplied company property for his personal benefit. Facts Mr Nigel Clegg and Mr Andrew Pache were joint shareholders and co-directors of a… Read more

  • Cyber is politics by other means

    The release of highly personal information on Simone Biles, Serena and Venus Williams, Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome, amongst other athletes from WADA (Word Anti-Doping Agency), seems to be the latest Cyber element in the continued geopolitical fallout. WADA has attributed the leak to a Russian hacking group who has accessed WADA databases, including confidential… Read more

  • Dial F for Fraud: Mobile Technology, Safety and Security

    For the first time last year, active mobile phones outnumbered people on the planet*. With more sophisticated applications being developed every day, people have become more reliant on their mobile phone than ever before, from using it for everything from taxi bookings to paying their bills. But the growing prevalence of mobiles in everyday life… Read more

  • The impact of China’s anti-corruption drive on Western businesses

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that fraud and corruption is an accepted part of China’s business culture. But the number of large multinational companies that are falling foul of the Chinese government’s anti-corruption drive demonstrates just how much they want to change the perception that foreign companies can enter their market and commit fraud. At… Read more

  • Modern day Madoff: six signs of a scam

    As previously trusted wealth creation investments– such as land, or retail consumables – become volatile and unreliable, more and more clients are coming to us about new types of investment schemes. These schemes seemingly promise large, immediate, risk-free returns. Sound too good to be true? It often is.

  • Future View of International Fraud

    Not every industry is suffering in the recession. The rise and rise of international fraud. On May 23rd the International Fraud Group (IFG) held its inaugural Future View of International Fraud event, discussing bribery, cybercrime, banking fraud and carbon trading. Chair Rt Hon David Miliband, Former Foreign Secretary and Head of the Labour Party Policy… Read more