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  • Now & Next: Work: In Progress

    Imagine paying people no strings attached cash, whether they have a job or not. In California, two experiments are being planned that some think could be the solution to a potentially jobless dystopian future.

  • World Economic Forum: the impact of technological change on women in the workplace

    Last week saw business and political leaders descend on Davos for the annual World Economic Forum. In recent years, the WEF has increased its focus on gender equality in both the world of work and in wider society. In the run up to this year’s conference, it has published two reports from the WEF’s Education,… Read more

  • Flexible workspace: the new way

    Flexible workspace: an option reserved for tech start-ups or an evolving trend for the full spectrum of the market? What is the attraction to tenants, or ‘members’ as they are commonly known, of this alternative workspace? And can it be used to provide modern flexibility in the more traditional employment relationship? Here’s our take. Flexibility…. Read more

  • What’s normal about normal pay?

    Holiday pay and voluntary overtime Holiday pay has been a contentious issue in the workplace for some time. In the past, the court has considered whether an employee’s holiday pay should include allowances (such as “time away from base” allowance), commission and compulsory overtime. A question that had not yet been answered was whether voluntary… Read more

  • Judge’s court notes disclosed following a data subject access request

    The beginning of July saw a data protection decision which received little immediate commentary in the legal press, but which is likely to have far reaching consequences for future cases. In response to a request from Alfred Percival for a judge’s handwritten notes, created during Mr Percival’s Employment Tribunal hearing, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)… Read more

  • Social mobility – a different kind of diversity?

    When we talk about diversity in the workplace, we often assume that this is limited to gender, race, disability or the other protected characteristics. Work to increase diversity in these areas is hugely important (as we have commented here and here for example) but diversity and inclusion is wider than that. A report published earlier… Read more

  • What the Queen’s speech means for employers

    After a slight delay, the Queen’s speech yesterday set out what we can expect in the way of new legislation over the next two years.  Although it was brief and high level – avoiding too much detail – we have considered the potential implications for employment law. The speech referred to the government ensuring that… Read more

  • Women on boards – measuring progress

    Amid news that the European commission is to push for quotas for women on boards to address the slow progress of gender equality, we take a fresh look at diversity in the boardroom. In a report published earlier this year, Deloitte tracked the efforts of 64 countries to promote gender diversity in the boardroom. Unsurprisingly,… Read more

  • Data reporting by employers – a new trend?

    Hot on the heels of the new gender pay reporting obligations introduced last month, the Conservative Party manifesto which was launched last week (and which we blogged about here) included a pledge to tackle racial pay disparities by introducing reporting on how different ethnic groups are paid. The manifesto also included a new requirement for… Read more

  • How to avoid these common employment law mistakes

    There are times when any employer must make tough management decisions. While employment law provides a framework for managing the process of terminating a member, or members, of staff, mistakes are often made. Many, however, can be easily avoided. The most common mistake relating to employment law is failing to effectively manage people who, for… Read more

  • Unconscious bias in the workplace – can it be tackled?

    In an attempt to address gender stereotypes, Google recently proposed 13 new emojis depicting women having careers as engineers, scientists, construction workers and farmers among other things. Considering that, currently, the only emojis that depict females at work consist of a dancer and – though this is a bit of a stretch – a princess,… Read more

  • Holiday pay: should it include commission?

    Another legal battle over whether English law requires employers to boost workers’ holiday pay to include commission payments has commenced in the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT). The long-running case centres on Mr Lock, a former British Gas salesman, whose commission payments made up around 60 per cent of his remuneration. Back in 2012, he complained… Read more

  • What London’s quarterly economic survey results say about Q2’s performance…

    Last week, London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) launched their latest London Quarterly Economic Survey with Capital 500 for Q2 2015. They surveyed 510 London business leaders between 7 and 20 May this year. The headlines for London’s performance in Q2 include: a 3% reported increase in domestic sales; a 6% reported decrease in… Read more