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Now & Next: Altruism

What does philanthropy look like today? Between billionaires giving away more than ever before and the creative ways encouraging the rest of us to give money, how altruistic is this new age of giving? [...]


Corporate - 6 months ago

Profit with purpose – the new norm

Why is this happening? For many of years, a small group of businesses have been well-known for their commitment to driving change in society. Famous examples include The Body Shop and Patagonia. However, until relatively recently, such purpose-driven businesses have been a niche endeavour. The prevailing view as to how to run a business stemmed [...]


Corporate - 8 months ago

Middle East embraces moves towards a future that’s digital and entrepreneurial

A hi-tech future fuelled by an entrepreneurial and technologically savvy generation underpins the vision of governments across the Middle East as they seek to reduce oil dependency and transform their economies. Challenges persist, not least of a regulatory and political nature, but momentum is gathering. This year is already set to break records for start-ups [...]


Corporate, Immigration, Technology - 11 months ago

Government proposes increased company filing requirements and identity checks for those setting up and running companies

As part of its ongoing strategy of increasing corporate transparency and accountability, the UK government is consulting on a wide range of measures which, if implemented, would involve significantly reforming the information that companies are required to disclose, increasing the checks on that information and requiring the identities of those setting up, managing and controlling companies to [...]


Corporate - 1 year ago

Why mainstream brands are chasing the esports sponsorship “pot of gold”

Two remarkable advertising events occurred last May at an esports tournament held at the Arena Birmingham. [...]


Corporate, Sports - 1 year ago

Blockchain – revolutionising supply-chain management

Digital ledger technology offers accountability and cost-effectiveness, reducing risk Consumer goods companies and retailers face a considerable supply-chain challenge: to remain competitive, they are sourcing and manufacturing their products around the world to get the highest quality for the best price. At the same time, customers are increasingly concerned about the provenance of their food, [...]


Blockchain, Corporate - 1 year ago

Weathering uncertainty through technology and growth

Clear skies forecast for the service industry – when the focus is on technology, cyber security, data and expansion beyond Europe It’s natural with Brexit uncertainty that many companies are unsure in their investment planning. With no deal agreed yet (at time of going to press), a number of high-profile firms have said that the lack [...]


Corporate - 1 year ago

Speed bumps ahead for data transfer after Brexit

Companies are becoming increasingly aware that there will be a sharp rise in red tape and multiple regulations relating to data handling after Brexit and are starting to put in place processes to deal with possible delays and difficulties. [...]


Corporate, Data - 1 year ago

Blockchain implementation: slow but real

Earlier this month, Citigroup boss Mike Corbat, who oversees one of the world’s biggest banks, adopted a cautious tone when asked about blockchain technology path to mainstream adoption.  Corbat was quoted as saying that, “the expectations and the pace of implementation far exceed…what’s there.” The mainstream media jumped on Corbat’s comments and, not for the first [...]


Blockchain, Corporate, Technology - 1 year ago

A crack down on cultural appropriateness

The Financial Conduct Authority, the Financial Reporting Council and others are making promotion and maintenance of a healthy workplace culture a franchise issue. [...]


Corporate - 2 years ago

Incentivising employees in the age of blockchain

Implementing an appropriate and effective remuneration and incentive policy for management and employees is a key driver for a successful business.  Traditionally, incentive plans have included bonus schemes, share option schemes and other share-based arrangements.  These plans can be used to strategically incentivise certain employee behaviours, though they are not without their drawbacks.  We routinely [...]


Blockchain, Corporate, Employment, Technology - 2 years ago

Blockchain 101: what is a smart contract?

In our previous articles, we have explored blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs.  This article focusses on the smart contract or, more precisely, the blockchain-based smart contract. What is a smart contract? While they might be called smart contracts they, rather confusingly, are neither smart nor contracts.  The concept was conceived in 1994 by Nick Szabo, who [...]


Blockchain, Corporate, Technology - 2 years ago