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  • The Newsroom Model: 21st Century Advertisers

    In February of this year a blog featured on the Harvard Business Review Network posited ‘Advertisers Should Act More Like Newsrooms’. Authors Baba Shetty, Newsweek CEO, and Jerry Wind, Professor of The Wharton School, cited the quick-fire responsiveness of brands such as Oreo and Audi during the Superbowl. The former tweeted a ‘You can still… Read more

  • Yahoo set to buy Tumblr for $1bn: Twitter reaction

    Can Yahoo ignore Tumbler’s dark side? via @mashable After Tumblr takeover, who’s next? Twitter, Foursquare and WhatsApp according to CNBC via @CNBC What Yahoo bought with a billion dollars: hope via @NewYorker So who in news knows how to use Tumblr? Financial Times, The Economist and The Times top 3 according to… Read more