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  • What does the General Election 2015 mean for London Business?

    Housing, skills, infrastructure investment, potential for devolution and that all important ‘in/out’ referendum were the issues that dominated this morning’s roundtable at the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry… With all political parties making various pledges to support businesses in their manifestos before the Election, this event considered what London businesses can now expect from… Read more

  • General election 2015: What do entrepreneurs think about the election results?

    Born, as we all are, onto a planet spinning at around 1,040 mph, it’s no surprise that we’re all seeking a little certainty in this world. This is true from straightest of laced civil servant to the most daring entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs may be better than most at tolerating uncertainty, but they’re rarely the free-wheeling adventurers… Read more

  • How the LCCP changes impact on your business

    In August 2014, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) launched a review focused on improving the social responsibility provisions of the Licence Conditions and Codes of Practice (LCCP). The February 2015 (updated April 2015) version of the LCCP came into force on Friday, 8 May 2015. How the changes might affect your business The key changes… Read more

  • The Leap 100 April Poll – Climate: Borrowing

    The Leap 100 have fallen out of love with British banks. THE NARRATIVE of growing businesses struggling to find finance is familiar: post-crash, banks won’t lend and cash for expansion can be difficult to access. On the face of it, the experiences of The Leap 100 give the lie to this simplistic tale: 64 per… Read more

  • Europe is green with envy at our vibrant markets for equity finance

    Money might not actually make the world go round, but much of what we take for granted is built upon a hefty pile of it. And without people willing to take a bet on the future – investing in the next generation of entrepreneurs – the pace of growth would slow dramatically. Furthermore, recent changes… Read more

  • The Leap 100 March Poll – Climate: Confidence

    How confident do high-growth companies feel about the coming year? For The Leap 100, the future looks bright. A whopping 98 per cent were either optimistic or very optimistic about their business’s prospects over the next 12 months, and 83 per cent expect the economy to improve or greatly improve. Significantly, however, only two thirds… Read more

  • Transparency of ultimate ownership to be a reality for UK corporates

    Four months on from our “Question Time”-style event on transparency of corporate ownership, public registers of who really controls UK corporates are set to become a reality.  The act to introduce them (the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act) was passed in the final days of Parliamentary session and just before election fever began.  According… Read more

  • Entrepreneurs aren’t afraid of a setback: Optimism is in their nature

    Starting a business is not for the faint-hearted. You need to be an optimist. While many of us see the metaphorical glass as either half full or half empty, for entrepreneurs it’s overflowing. This exuberance is rational. Before you can convince others that your idea will change the world, you must first convince yourself. For… Read more

  • The Leap 100 February Poll – Climate: Politics

    Ahead of May’s General Election, the overriding message from Leap 100 businesses to government is loud and clear: whoever you are, tax us less and be more flexible on immigration. This month, we asked them how concerned they are about the election, which party’s policies will best aid their company’s expansion, and what changes from… Read more

  • How politicians can support Britain’s fast-growth businesses

    The UK is undoubtedly a great place to start and grow a business Politicians of all stripes talk a good sound bite when claiming to support British businesses – but talk, unlike running a company, is cheap. As the election approaches and manifestos are released, we will soon be able to assess which party truly… Read more

  • Mishcon hosts “Question Time” Event on Transparency v Privacy

    In the House of Commons and here at Mishcon de Reya this week the debate has continued on the Government’s proposed public register of beneficial ownership (the so-called “PSC” or “People with Significant Control” register). On Tuesday evening, we hosted a “Question Time” panel debate attended by 70 interested businesses, charities and advisers.  On our… Read more

  • Gambling Advertising – The ASA’s latest Review

    The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has published its long awaited review of gambling advertising.  The review, announced earlier this year, was prompted by the increase in gambling advertising following deregulation after the introduction of the Gambling Act in 2007.  It covers the following three key areas: Trends in complaints:  an analysis of complaints data from… Read more

  • Armchair activists – the growth of shareholder activism

    What if fuelling the increase in shareholder activism in the UK? An NGO lobbying an oil company to stop it exploring the arctic tundra and a New York hedge fund advocating a change of management at an investment fund would seem, at first glance, to be strange bed fellows—yet both of them are shareholder activists…. Read more