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  • Why London Needs A Drone Superhighway Over The Thames

    On 5 May, Londoners will vote on who should replace Boris Johnson as Mayor of London. As happens in elections, the candidates are playing their opponents instead of their policies, but once the winner is chosen he (and it will be a “he” because Sadiq Khan and Zac Goldsmith are the only likely winners) will… Read more

  • The only way is up for Leap 100 companies

    The Leap 100 is a list of 100 of the most exciting, fast-growing companies in the UK. But it’s more than a list: it is a cohort of founders whose fortunes we will follow and whose ambitions we will support over the next 12 months; founders with the talent to help secure Britain’s place as… Read more

  • Chatbots – who is actually chatting?

    Chatbots – software programs that respond to text and/or vocal inputs in a humanlike manner – are beginning to proliferate online. Facebook announced at its recent F8 developer conference that it would be opening its Messenger Platform to third party developers who will be able to create their own bots to run on Facebook’s centralised… Read more

  • Q1 2016: high performance vs low expectations

    The global economic climate has worsened, forecasts are being downgraded for both UK and world economies and Britain’s EU membership hangs in the balance. With genuine cause for concern, is now the time to invest? Yesterday saw the launch of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Capital 500 quarterly economic survey results for Q1 2016,… Read more

  • Registers of people who control companies are now a reality – but are companies ready?

    From Wednesday 6 April, most UK companies will need to keep a new register disclosing any individuals with “significant influence or control” over them.  Aimed at making public the individuals who really control a UK company, this makes a reality the initiatives for transparency of ultimate control on which I have been blogging. Going forward,… Read more

  • Charity agrees to data undertaking – but why?

    The British Red Cross has signed an undertaking committing the charity to best practice around its fundraising calls.  Following press reports of charities allegedly aggressive fundraising techniques, the British Red Cross has acceded to demands of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) to go beyond what is required under PECR, the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations,… Read more

  • What London’s quarterly economic survey results say about Q4’s performance…

    The current global economic climate – with on-going instability in China, the question of a Brexit hanging over Europe and the first interest rate hike in the US in a decade – was an interesting backdrop for the launch of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s (LCCI) Q4 2015 results of its London Quarterly Economic… Read more

  • Meet Unruly Co-Founder Sarah Wood

    Author: Annabel Denham Source: The Huffington Post With studies suggesting that women managers are often believed to be less achievement-orientated, competent and capable than their male counterparts, it’s not surprising that both scholars and women entrepreneurs alike often frame entrepreneurship as one avenue where women can avoid discrimination. Working in the entrepreneurial community, however, I… Read more

  • Crowdfunding and capitalism: the ties that bind

    Source: Forbes Author: Philip Salter How can capitalism be defended if it’s seen to serve mostly the few? It’s a question defenders of market based economies have long pondered upon. Although economists are largely in agreement on the connection between freer and more trade and our growing wealth, segments of the general public aren’t convinced… Read more

  • Online gambling: will EU gambling authorities’ cooperation agreement lead to reduced costs for operators?

    On 27 November, as part of the European Commission’s 2012 action plan, “Towards a comprehensive European framework for online gambling“, a voluntary cooperation agreement on online gambling was signed by the gambling regulatory authorities of EEA member states. The Commission noted that the agreement was the first of its kind in the world. The areas… Read more

  • Experiences of a female entrepreneur

    Sarah Wood co-founded video ad tech company Unruly in 2006 with Scott Button and Matt Cooke. It has since grown to become one of the world’s most innovative ad tech businesses and in September 2015 was acquired by News Corp. This article is a transcript of her speech at a Leap 100/The Entrepreneurs Network breakfast… Read more

  • Experiences of a disruptive entrepreneur

    Jeff Lynn is co-founder of Seedrs. He was keynote speaker at a Mishcon de Reya/Entrepreneurs Network Leap 100 Power Breakfast on 19 November 2015. The following blog first appeared on The Entrepreneurs Network. My business partner and I started working on Seedrs in 2009. Our mission then – as it is today – was to build… Read more

  • Experiences of an impact entrepreneur

    Alick Varma was keynote speaker at a Leap 100 Power Breakfast on 1st December 2015. The following blog first appeared on The Entrepreneurs Network. When I was 11 years old, my parents sat me down and said: “Alick, we’d like to talk to you about the P&L of your life”. I responded by asking what… Read more