“But will anyone like me?”

In today’s highly competitive world, being a confident and effective networker sets you apart from the crowd. You become more visible, always feel in control and will always create more business opportunities than the average.
99% of people dread this vital activity. Why?

People struggle walking into that room full of strangers and have to actually talk to them. “How do I break the ice?” “How do I move on?” “What if I’m rejected and everyone ignores me?” These are regular fears quoted by normal people.

At business events everyone is there to create opportunities, most people are polite and courteous and every room is formatted in exactly the same way. There will be rude people who look over your shoulders when talking to you; the only way to deal with them is to politely excuse yourself and don’t give them a second thought.
Every room has no more than 6 groups. There is the person standing alone – they are nervous, know no-one and are praying for you to approach them. Couples and trios stand in open and closed formats. Approach the open formats unless you know someone. The final group is the scary four + always in a circle. Join this group when you know someone.

Asking questions and listening carefully are the major skills required to be an effective networker. You don’t need to be outgoing but you need good self-esteem and believe you’re as good as everyone else in that room. The core principle of networking is giving and people will like you when you give them your full attention. People love talking about themselves; good networkers let them.

Most commit the crime of not following up. Prospects don’t buy ‘on the spot’, it takes time to create trust and build the relationship. Why? Again fear of rejection. When you ask permission to keep in touch no-one can accuse you of pestering.

In business don’t take rejection personally. It’s not you being rejected, just the offer of your services and products.

Will Kintish – UK leading authority on effective and confident networking.

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