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Tom Grogan

Tom Grogan

Tom is an Associate in the Corporate Department and Co-Leads the Blockchain Group. He has a deep understanding of emerging technologies such as blockchain, their possible use-cases and their legal and regulatory treatment.

Recent posts by Tom Grogan

Blockchain – revolutionising supply-chain management

Digital ledger technology offers accountability and cost-effectiveness, reducing risk Consumer goods companies and retailers face a considerable supply-chain challenge: to remain competitive, they are sourcing and manufacturing their products around the world to get the highest quality for the best price. At the same time, customers are increasingly concerned about the provenance of their food, [...]


Blockchain, Corporate - 1 year ago

Blockchain implementation: slow but real

Earlier this month, Citigroup boss Mike Corbat, who oversees one of the world’s biggest banks, adopted a cautious tone when asked about blockchain technology path to mainstream adoption.  Corbat was quoted as saying that, “the expectations and the pace of implementation far exceed…what’s there.” The mainstream media jumped on Corbat’s comments and, not for the first [...]


Blockchain, Corporate, Technology - 1 year ago

Blockchain 101: what is a smart contract?

In our previous articles, we have explored blockchain, cryptocurrencies and ICOs.  This article focusses on the smart contract or, more precisely, the blockchain-based smart contract. What is a smart contract? While they might be called smart contracts they, rather confusingly, are neither smart nor contracts.  The concept was conceived in 1994 by Nick Szabo, who [...]


Blockchain, Corporate, Technology - 2 years ago

Blockchain 101: an introduction

The terms 'cryptocurrency' and 'blockchain' are often used interchangeably by the general population. It is vital that we understand that these terms are very different, however. [...]


Blockchain, Technology - 2 years ago