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Mishcon The Leap is an active network and programme of events for some of the most exciting fast-growth businesses in the UK. The Leap, with the Financial Times as media partner, brings together business founders and leaders through a series of events and workshops, creating a community of like-minded individuals who can learn from each other and share their experiences and ideas on how to shape the future of their industry and society. To find out more about the Leap, visit The Leap Hub Leap Hub.

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  • Introducing The FT Future 100 UK

    Mishcon The Leap is proud to support the FT Future 100 UK – a list of high-growth businesses that are shaping the future of their sector and making a positive impact on business and society. The list features well-established names such as Propercorn, Just Eat and Fevertree Drinks, alongside flourishing start-ups such as FlyVictor, Grabyo and… Read more

  • Firms should have the courage to pivot when they’re winning

    As politicians enjoy saying, “the time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining”. This is also true of businesses. Pivoting a firm in a crisis might be necessary, but doing so when things are going well can often be more conducive to long-term success. One of the clear traits of most successful… Read more

  • Intellectual property strategy should be at the heart of every startup’s plans right from the start

    Protecting intellectual property is probably not the first thing that springs to an entrepreneur’s mind during the heady days of founding their business. But it can’t be ignored. In fact, it should be taken seriously right from the start and integrated into the overall strategy of the business. The most common mistake founders make is… Read more

  • Raising finance carefully is more vital than ever post-Brexit

    There’s no getting away from it: Brexit has been a shock to the system. Most entrepreneurs – particularly founders of fast-growing firms – wanted the result to go the other way, but they’re optimistic by nature, brushed themselves down and are getting on with business. There’s still plenty of waiting to come, though, with government… Read more

  • How to avoid these common employment law mistakes

    There are times when any employer must make tough management decisions. While employment law provides a framework for managing the process of terminating a member, or members, of staff, mistakes are often made. Many, however, can be easily avoided. The most common mistake relating to employment law is failing to effectively manage people who, for… Read more

  • Shareholder agreements give startups the focus they need to thrive

    Building a business is a labour of love. Not just for the founders, but also for the employees and investors. I regularly sit down with founders to go through shareholder agreements. The process uncovers the real objectives for starting the business, it gets founders thinking about issues before they happen, and it gets to the… Read more

  • The only way is up for Leap 100 companies

    The Leap 100 is a list of 100 of the most exciting, fast-growing companies in the UK. But it’s more than a list: it is a cohort of founders whose fortunes we will follow and whose ambitions we will support over the next 12 months; founders with the talent to help secure Britain’s place as… Read more

  • Meet Unruly Co-Founder Sarah Wood

    Author: Annabel Denham Source: The Huffington Post With studies suggesting that women managers are often believed to be less achievement-orientated, competent and capable than their male counterparts, it’s not surprising that both scholars and women entrepreneurs alike often frame entrepreneurship as one avenue where women can avoid discrimination. Working in the entrepreneurial community, however, I… Read more

  • The challenging landscape for the UK’s serial entrepreneurs

    Gone is the job for life; the portable career is a thing of the past too; even owning your own business is no longer what it used to be. These days, it’s all about scaling fast, exiting and starting again – welcome to the world of serial entrepreneurship. The energy, innovation and determination which accompany… Read more

  • The Leap 100 November Poll – Climate: Legacy

    The legacies that matter to founders When does an entrepreneur leave their company? Do they give it a few years, let a fantastic management team settle in and move on? Do they wait for an exit and then leave? And how much do they plan these things? Out of the fast-growth businesses in The Leap… Read more

  • The Leap 100 October Poll – Climate: Politics

    Corbyn fear mars post-election Leap 100 positivity SAYING that Jeremy Corbyn is not a hot prospect for the UK’s fast-growing businesses would be an understatement. Nearly half (46 per cent) of The Leap 100 say they would consider emigrating if the Labour leader became Prime Minister. A third say his policies would “make life much… Read more

  • The Leap 100 September Poll – Climate: Scaling Up

    COMPANIES in The Leap 100 have big ambitions. Nearly three-quarters expect to hit annual revenues of £50m or more in the next five years, and a quarter anticipate hitting over £100m. But despite 76 per cent thinking that it has become easier to scale a business in the last few years, achieving fast growth doesn’t… Read more

  • The Leap 100 August Poll – Climate: Exports

    Exporting: Is the government doing enough to help? GETTING products and services into new markets is a high priority for The Leap 100. Nearly 70 per cent already export, and over a third intend to do so within the next year. Several are satisfied with current government support for fast-growth businesses exporting, highlighting UKTI and… Read more