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  • FIFA World Cup 2014 Ticket Touting Scandal

    Brazilian Police have discovered a ticket touting scandal involving the illegal sale of World Cup tickets. Initial investigations have led to the arrest of, amongst others, Ray Whelan, the British director of the World Cup’s hospitality company, MATCH. FIFA has always ensured that tickets reach genuine fans at a reasonable price. Historically, it has been… Read more

  • What the 2014 FIFA World Cup means for Brazil

    The FIFA World Cup is one of the biggest sporting events on the planet. Starting on Thursday, Brazil will host the tournament again 64 years after the Brazilian national team was crowned runner-up in the Maracanã stadium, Brazil. Many benefits arise from mega events, ranging from tourism and employment to improvements in social welfare and… Read more

  • Tax relief to encourage sport: the Brazilian way

    As the 2014 World Cup fast approaches, host country Brazil provides an excellent example of how to effectively promote amateur sports and academies in order to develop professional competitive sport, whilst increasing the social inclusion of its citizens. This article explores how Brazil is doing this, and what it can teach us. In 2006, the… Read more