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Contributor: Jennifer Millins

Legal Director, Employment

Jennifer is a Legal Director in the Employment department, advising on all aspects of employment law. In addition to her day-to-day work, Jennifer handles large-scale discrimination cases in the Employment Tribunal - for both employers and employees - and has recently been in the High Court representing employees in a series of high-value breach of contract and bonus disputes. She is also part of the Firm's Recruitment Services Group and regularly advises both recruitment companies and individuals in the financial services industry on key issues and disputes relating to unfair competition and business protection such as breaches of restrictive covenants, data theft, team moves and the use of social media. To find out more about Jennifer, please click here.

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    Most recruitment companies understand the importance of enforceable restrictive covenants and confidentiality obligations. Without them, recruitment businesses risk key business relationships (and revenues) walking out the door with departing employees. The problem is all the more acute when employees take colleagues with them. Team moves, however, are different. They tend to be instigated by a… Read more