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Every Saturday at 9am Jazz Shapers with Elliot Moss broadcasts from Jazz FM. The show shares music from the risk takers, leaders and influencers of jazz, soul, funk and blues, alongside interviews with their equivalent in the business world: entrepreneurs who have defined and shaped business categories and ways of operating.

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  • Shaper: Tom Blomfield

    Tom Blomfield Co-founder and CEO of Monzo Tom went to grammar school in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, where he developed a passion for coding. In his teenage years, he worked for a local estate agent called Wilson Heal, delivering leaflets. Whilst working there, Tom convinced them to get a website, which he built for £250. Tom studied… Read more

  • Shaper: Tom Thirlwall

    Tom Thirlwall CEO of Copa90 Tom was born in London in 1973. He attended Reigate Grammar School in Surrey and went on to Leeds University before working as a Planner at Mediaedge, an advertising media planning agency. In 1997, Tom co-founded Fishtank, a youth marketing specialist firm and in 2005 became Client Service Director at… Read more

  • Shaper: Jas Bagniewski

    Jas Bagniewski Jas attended Westminster School before going to the University of Manchester. Following this, he studied an MSc in International Relations at UCL, and an MBA at the University of Cambridge. In 2005, Jas worked as a teacher at Manasarovar Academy in Nepal, where he taught English and Maths to Tibetan refugee children. He… Read more

  • Shaper: Will Wynne

    Show aired on 2nd September 2017 Will Wynne Will Wynne is MD and co-founder of auto enrolment provider Smart Pension.  Smart Pension was built specifically to help thousands of small British businesses sign up their employees to a workplace pension scheme, as required by law. He co-founded the firm in 2014 with Andrew Evans, CEO… Read more

  • Shaper: Dean Richmond

    Show aired on 26th August 2017 Dean Richmond Born in Cuckfield, Sussex in 1973, Dean left school with four GCSEs.  He ran his own business making birdfeeders and rabbit runs but needed money for a car, so in 1989 went to work in his parents shop, ‘Pets Corner’, which had two stores at the time…. Read more

  • Shaper: Howard Harrison

    Show aired on 19th August 2017 Howard Harrison Previously a lawyer in South Africa and and investment banker in London, New York and Zurich, Howard quit corporate life 13 years ago to found Knomo. He was frustrated with commutting and long office hours and didn’t want life behind a desk to his narrative for the rest of his career. Knomo is… Read more

  • Shaper: David Duke

    Show aired on 12th August 2017 David Duke David Duke is the founder and CEO of recently named ‘Charity of the Year’, Street Soccer Scotland, a non-profit organisation that uses football to help create positive change in the lives of socially disadvantaged adults and young people. More recently, David has set up Change Centre Scotland, a… Read more

  • Shaper: Chris McCullough

    Show aired on 5th August 2017 Chris McCullough Chris McCullough is CEO and co-founder at smart scheduling company, RotaGeek. Prior to founding RotaGeek, Chris worked in the NHS as an A&E doctor. He initially created RotaGeek in 2009 to help overcome the staffing issues faced by his A&E department, but soon left his job in… Read more

  • Shaper: Peter Williams

    Show aired on 29th July 2017 Peter Williams Peter Williams is founder and CEO of Jack Wills. Established in 1999 as a single shop in the seaside town of Salcombe, Jack Wills has since expanded to become an international brand with 90 stores (and counting) across the globe, including the UK, US, Hong Kong, Singapore… Read more

  • Shaper: Paolo Galvani

    Show aired on 22nd July 2017 Paolo Galvani Paolo Galvani is the co-founder of Moneyfarm, a digital wealth management company. Born in Vicenza, in north-eastern Italy, Paolo went to the University of Padova where he studied Statistics and Economics. Following this, he worked in sales and trading at IMI Bank, then became Vice-President at Morgan… Read more

  • Shaper: Matt Lumb

    Show aired on 15th July 2017 Matt Lumb Matt Lumb is Chief Executive and Director at Tangle Teezer. Tangle Teezer is the world’s first and best-selling detangling hairbrush with twenty brushes now being sold every minute around the world. Pioneers in hair care, Tangle Teezer is creating a whole new category and achieving global recognition… Read more

  • Shaper: Sven Hughes

    Show aired on 8th July 2017 Sven Hughes Sven Hughes is the founder of Verbalisation. He was a reserve soldier within MI, Psyops and UK SF and has worked variously within military, political and commercial stratcoms for over two decades. Sven has completed Verbalisation target audience analysis and intervention campaigns on behalf of Prime Ministers, Presidents,… Read more

  • Shaper: Emma Bridgewater

    Show aired on 1st July 2017 Emma Bridgewater After studying English at London University, Emma joined a small knitwear firm, but soon realised that what she really wanted to do was start her own company. Her ‘eureka moment’ came in 1985, when she was searching for a pretty cup and saucer for her mother’s birthday…. Read more