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Monthly Archives: June 2017

  • Shaper: Emma Bridgewater

    Show aired on 1st July 2017 Emma Bridgewater After studying English at London University, Emma joined a small knitwear firm, but soon realised that what she really wanted to do was start her own company. Her ‘eureka moment’ came in 1985, when she was searching for a pretty cup and saucer for her mother’s birthday…. Read more

  • Social mobility – a different kind of diversity?

    When we talk about diversity in the workplace, we often assume that this is limited to gender, race, disability or the other protected characteristics. Work to increase diversity in these areas is hugely important (as we have commented here and here for example) but diversity and inclusion is wider than that. A report published earlier… Read more

  • Skills and citizenship: the impact of political uncertainty on business immigration

    As Theresa May begins to disclose some detail on the rights of the three million EU citizens resident in Britain post Brexit, we reflect on what happened at a recent breakfast panel discussion we hosted this month on potential changes to the UK business immigration system. Immigration has been at the heart of the debate… Read more

  • Shaper: Melissa Morris

    Show aired on 24th June 2017 Melissa Morris Melissa Morris began her career at Lehman Brothers, where she was a Capital Markets Reporter (2005-2006). She was later an Analyst in the Investment Banking Division at Citi Bank (2007), and then a Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company (2008-2010). She then worked as a Management Consultant/Strategy… Read more

  • UK fraud hotspots revealed

    Following a Freedom of Information request submitted to Action Fraud UK, Which? has published a map revealing the UK’s fraud hotspots.  The analysis reveals that instances of reported fraud have increased by more than 10% to 264,204 in 2016. The map highlights significant differences in the likelihood of falling victim to different types of fraud… Read more

  • What the Queen’s speech means for employers

    After a slight delay, the Queen’s speech yesterday set out what we can expect in the way of new legislation over the next two years.  Although it was brief and high level – avoiding too much detail – we have considered the potential implications for employment law. The speech referred to the government ensuring that… Read more

  • Multiple drinks can Community design registration held invalid

    The EU General Court has upheld a decision that a Community registered design featuring three sizes of drinks can, registered by Ball Beverage Packaging, is invalid on the basis that it does not have individual character over earlier similar drinks can designs on the market. IP protection for food and drinks packaging is a significant… Read more

  • Women on boards – measuring progress

    Amid news that the European commission is to push for quotas for women on boards to address the slow progress of gender equality, we take a fresh look at diversity in the boardroom. In a report published earlier this year, Deloitte tracked the efforts of 64 countries to promote gender diversity in the boardroom. Unsurprisingly,… Read more

  • Shaper: Cleo Rocos

    Show aired on 17th June 2017 Cleo Rocos Cleo Rocos was born in Rio de Janeiro and started her professional career in television where she co-starred The Kenny Everett Show. She also co-starred in a number of TV shows both in the UK and the US, including the comedy, Assaulted Nuts and the detective series,… Read more

  • Shaper: Mikhail Fridman

    Show aired on 10th June 2017 Mikhail Fridman Mikhail Fridman was born in Lviv, Ukraine and has Jewish heritage. He graduated from the Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys in 1986, with distinction, having studied metallurgical engineering. In 1988 Mikhail co-founded Alfa Group, a multinational conglomerate. He served as chairman of the 50/50 TNK-BP joint… Read more

  • Out of rithm

    Price-bot wars The idea that today’s cartelists are as likely to be found hiding behind computer screens as in smoke filled rooms is a hot topic. This is due to businesses using increasingly sophisticated algorithms and artificial intelligence (“AI”) to ensure that their online prices align with those of their competitors: a form of tacit… Read more

  • Credit for pleading guilty

    The new rules A revised definitive guideline on reduction in sentence for a guilty plea now applies in any case where the first hearing is on or after 1 June 2017. This affects anyone over 18 – or any company – facing criminal proceedings in which there has not already been a court hearing. The… Read more

  • Shaper: Niki Rein

    Show aired on 3rd June 2017 Niki Rein Niki Rein was born in Seattle. Until the age of 18, Niki played competitive football and enjoyed lifting weights at university, but found that she put on muscle easily and did not feel as feminine as she would have liked. She was then introduced to dance-based fitness,… Read more