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Monthly Archives: May 2017

  • Data reporting by employers – a new trend?

    Hot on the heels of the new gender pay reporting obligations introduced last month, the Conservative Party manifesto which was launched last week (and which we blogged about here) included a pledge to tackle racial pay disparities by introducing reporting on how different ethnic groups are paid. The manifesto also included a new requirement for… Read more

  • Shaper: Will Butler-Adams

    Show aired on 27th May 2017 Will Butler-Adams Will Butler-Adams is the Managing Director of Brompton Bicycle. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Spanish at Newcastle University, followed by a Chartered Mechanical Engineering course at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering. He began working as a Project Manager at ICI, a former chemical company and as a… Read more

  • Shapers: Jalal and Soraya Janmohamed

    Show aired on 20th May 2017 Jalal and Soraya Janmohamed  Jalal, Soraya & Farah Janmohamed are siblings and co-founders at OptiBac Probiotics, a 14 year old company specialising entirely in friendly bacteria supplements. Jalal studied Business at the University of Nottingham; he finished on the Friday and, eager to get going, started the company on the Monday. His… Read more

  • Crackdown on ‘fully-loaded’ media players

    As an advertising message, “Want to watch free films, series, sport without having to pay? Who doesn’t?!” was clearly too good to be true. In the UK, sales of media players incorporating pre-installed add-ons linking to websites giving access to unauthorised content have attracted the attention of criminal prosecution authorities in recent months, with a… Read more

  • Shaper: Holly Tucker

    Show aired on 13th May 2017 Holly Tucker Holly Tucker has many strings to her bow – mother, MBE, founder of Holly & Co, UK Ambassador to Small Creative Businesses, Chief Inspirator and co-founder of But Holly simply sees herself as an imagineer – someone who believes in the impossible and the power of creativity…. Read more

  • Digital Economy Act 2017: Key IP Provisions

    The Digital Economy Act 2017 received Royal Assent in the wash-up period before the dissolution of Parliament, and has finally been published. The Act contains a number of interesting provisions relating to IP. Dates for these provisions to take effect have now been confirmed. Maximum sentence for copyright offence of communicating copyright works to the public will… Read more

  • Shaper: Craig Sams

    Show aired on 6th May 2017 Craig Sams Craig Sams was born on a farm in Nebraska. He has worked as a bottle deposit recovery operative, a caddy at an 18-hole country club, a shelf stacker, a grocery bag carry out boy, a newspaper delivery boy for the Omaha World Herald, a parking lot attendant… Read more