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Monthly Archives: August 2015

  • Shapers: John Mulliken

    Show aired on 29th August 2015 John Mulliken is Senior Vice President of International & Strategic Initiatives, Wayfair. At Wayfair, one of the world’s largest online retailers of home furnishings, John sits on the senior executive team and leads all international business. He splits his time between London and Berlin, as well as traveling to… Read more

  • Shapers: Nick Giles

    Show aired on 22nd August 2015 Nick Giles is co-founder of Seven Hills, the highly acclaimed campaigns firm and co-creator of SUMMIT, a series of events exploring the sectors and trends with the potential to drive growth. Nick co-founded Seven Hills alongside business partner Michael Hayman to generate momentum for Britain’s explosive growth companies and most… Read more

  • Shapers: Alison Wilson and David Lea-Wilson

    Show aired on 15th August 2015 Alison Wilson and David Lea-Wilson founded Anglesey Sea Zoo in 1984, which Exhibits local sea creatures in recreations of their natural habitats. It attracted 2.5 million paying visitors and employed over 250 people in the 23 years from start up to sale to an old member of staff in 2007. Since… Read more

  • Shaper: Bill Amberg

    Show aired on 8th August 2015 Luxurious bags, a celebrated baby papoose and Penguin book covers are just a few of the notable items that Bill Amberg has crafted from leather. Amberg spent his early 20s in Australia working as an apprentice for Gay Wilson. After returning to England, he enrolled at London Business School… Read more