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Monthly Archives: June 2015

  • The employment landscape has never been so good for entrepreneurs

    There is a myth that should be dispelled. Despite many commentators and business owners believing the contrary, it’s relatively easy to hire and fire employees in Britain. This myth gained particular currency prior to recent legislative changes but still persists. Since 6 April 2012, employees must have been employed by a company for two years… Read more

  • The Leap 100 June Poll – Climate: Skills

    The great skills race: How the UK measures up IMMIGRATION provides a lifeline for Britain’s fast-growth firms. Over 60 per cent of The Leap 100 rely on non-UK nationals to fill vacancies in their companies. “By making it harder to employ skilled non-EU nationals, the government is putting a brake on the growth of the… Read more

  • Shaper: Simon Boyle

    Show aired on 27th June 2015 Simon Boyle is the vision behind Brigade, a unique social enterprise restaurant. Formed from a partnership across the private, public and third sector, Brigade opened in September 2011 and was awarded an AA rosette within three months. Since its launch the restaurant has been the home of Simon’s charity;… Read more

  • Shaper: Camilla Barnard

    Show aired on 20th June 2015 Co-Founder & Marketing Director of Rude Health As part of her degree, Camilla spent a year in Fukuoka, Japan. Here she developed an understanding of the language and a thoroughly indecent passion for Japanese food.  Upon graduating Camilla headed back east to indulge in another eight months of sushi eating and learning…. Read more

  • Privacy V Public Interest in Children’s Disputes

    There has long been a debate concerning the tension between the public interest in understanding how the family courts reach their decisions and the privacy of the families who appear in those courts. The public interest has prevailed and the press have been able to widely report on high and low profile family disputes. What… Read more

  • Mini-bonds: marketing, relationship-building and fundraising in a mini package

    Since the launch of the ‘Shaving Bond’ by the men’s grooming brand, King of Shaves, in 2009 there has been a fair amount of publicity surrounding ‘mini-bond’ issues by various companies. Mini-bonds started life as an alternative financing method at a time when the country was in the depths of a recession and bank lending… Read more

  • Women on sports boards

    How do you join a sports board, and what’s it really like to be a woman on one? These were the questions we asked at our ‘Women on Sports Boards’ event with Women in Football and Women on Boards last Thursday as part of Mishcon de Reya’s Women’s Forum. We received thought-provoking answers from our… Read more

  • Shaper: Itay Talgam

    Show aired on 13th June 2015 A protégé and disciple of the great Leonard Bernstein, Itay Talgam has conducted many prominent orchestras and ensembles worldwide, including the Orchestre de Paris, the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, the Israel Philharmonic, and the Leipzig Opera House. He also teaches leadership to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and universities, and at… Read more

  • Shaper: Harvey Goldsmith

    Show aired on 6th June 2015 Harvey Goldsmith is a legendary and visionary producer and promoter of rock concerts, charity events and television broadcasts. He has produced, managed and promoted shows with most of the world’s major artists, including Bob Dylan, Jeff Beck, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Bruce Springsteen, Santana, Led Zeppelin, The Eagles,… Read more

  • The Leap 100 May Poll – Climate: Election

    What The Leap 100 wants from the new Tory government. For the majority of The Leap 100, the outcome of the General Election was an enormous relief. Almost four out of five believe that a Tory majority was the most positive possible result for their business. Most think it will mean that entrepreneurs will continue… Read more

  • Cameron has won over Britain’s entrepreneurs – now he must deliver

    The Conservative Party’s victory at the General Election was good for entrepreneurs. Prior to it, 71 per cent of entrepreneurs in our Leap 100 poll, made up of the leaders of some of Britain’s most promising companies, were backing the Tories, versus just 6.6 per cent who wanted an Ed Miliband-led Labour Party. Elsewhere in… Read more