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Monthly Archives: May 2014

  • Shaper: Ed Bussey

    I never set out to be an entrepreneur if I am honest. I have always followed interesting opportunities, one thing has led to another and now I have found myself on my third start up and I love what I do. I ended up being one of five finalists of the Young Entrepreneur of the… Read more

  • The draft data protection regulation – too soon to be forgotten?

    Last week’s European Parliament elections have thrown a spanner into the works of the already troubled and delayed passing into law of the proposed new General Data Protection Regulation.  At present, the 28 member states have adopted variations of the existing Data Protection Directive (which was passed back in 1995 before the internet was widely… Read more

  • Shaper: Carole Stone

    My mother gave me some advice when I first started working at the BBC as what they called a copy taker, she said, “whatever you do, take an interest.” Every Tuesday and every Thursday I had eight people at my table, with salad and cheese afterwards and inexpensive wine. I had John Bert, Tony Blair,… Read more

  • Transparency and Trust reactions: tackling an information void or just increasing the regulatory burden?

    Reforming transparency of corporate ownership as a means to fight corruption and tax avoidance is still very much in the news.  Yet one month on from the Government’s confirmation that it would push ahead with proposals to require public disclosure of who really owns and controls UK corporates (see my post dated 24 April), there… Read more

  • Shaper: Rob Halliday-Stein

    “I started my research on Google, as most people do these days. Found, you know, there weren’t many good websites out there.” “The gold…I sort of fell into, is all I can say. It really wasn’t my aspiration to become a bullion dealer.”   “…you sometimes think if you go and start your own business… Read more

  • Tax relief to encourage sport: the Brazilian way

    As the 2014 World Cup fast approaches, host country Brazil provides an excellent example of how to effectively promote amateur sports and academies in order to develop professional competitive sport, whilst increasing the social inclusion of its citizens. This article explores how Brazil is doing this, and what it can teach us. In 2006, the… Read more

  • Shaper: John Bird

    One of the limitations of poverty is that it sometimes throws up prejudice. It wasn’t a particularly auspicious beginning and looking back it’s no great surprise I went off the rails, became a drinker and drug user and got into crime and anti-social behaviour. Life changed when I was hiding from the police in Paris… Read more

  • The Cohabitation Agreement

    Imagine the following scenario.  A 20 year old woman begins living with a married man in a home he already owns outright in his own name.  She knows that there is no prospect that he will marry her. A year or so later, they have their first child together.  They agree that she should give… Read more

  • Shaper: Chris Wright

    Chris Wright started running a small blues club and representing rock groups whilst social secretary at Manchester University. After which he moved to London and founded Chrysalis with another former social secretary Terry Ellis. After starting as managers and agents they developed Chrysalis into one of the leading independent music labels and music publishing in… Read more