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Monthly Archives: April 2014

  • Transparency & trust in UK corporates: who really owns and controls them

    Confirming plans for a register of companies’ beneficial ownership and to increase accountability of directors, the Government this week published a response to its paper ‘transparency and trust: enhancing the transparency of company ownership and increasing trust in UK business’. Vince Cable is reported to have said that “..for consumers, investors and the wider public to… Read more

  • Shaper: Jacqueline Gold

    I didn’t have the greatest of childhoods. I went to work for Ann Summers as work experience for forty five pounds a week. I was earning less than the tea lady. I remember going to this Tupperware party in a council flat in South East London full of women giggling, crammed together on sofas. They… Read more

  • Shaper: Chris Currell

    Saturday 19 April 2014 I started with a business plan which was about one paragraph long and a loan from Barclays and I just jumped in. There wasn’t too much thought about going into business on my own, I just did it. I was known in the insolvency field then and if you cast your… Read more

  • Shaper: Emma Jones

    Saturday 12 April 2014 In 2013, the UK ended the year on 524,000 new companies that had been formed in those twelve months alone. I think it gets forgotten that an increase in start-up rates is great for the economy. About 70% of new businesses have started from home, so what you see is mums… Read more

  • Shaper: Chris Galvin

    My Nan was an amazing cook, she had 10 children and I had about 36 cousins. I was always in the kitchen with her, helping her feed the five thousand. They used to teach you to cook at school which is slowly coming back into vogue. We need to know about what we are eating… Read more