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Monthly Archives: August 2013

  • Shaper: Ajaz Ahmed

    Ajaz founded AKQA when he was 21 to create an ideas and invention company to help organisations embrace the digital revolution. AKQA’s clients today include Nike, Red Bull and Google. AKQA has created some of the world’s most recognised and iconic digital products, services and ideas. AKQA is now the largest and most awarded company… Read more

  • Planet Property

    Planet Property, the eagerly anticipated expos√© of the UK property industry from 1997 to 2012 by former Estates Gazette editor Peter Bill, lives up to expectations. But how could it not? The author has often explained to me when I have complained about word count limitations that a real writer is able to depict a… Read more

  • REAL INSIGHT – Property Update – July 2013

    PROBLEMS MOUNT FOR ‘BEST PRICE’ CLAUSES The German Competition Authority is the latest body to investigate whether “best price” clauses infringe both domestic and EU competition law. These types of clauses, which are believed to be used within the UK retail and hotel sectors, prevent the product or service from being offered at a cheaper… Read more